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Unlike any other book on the topic of addiction, this one is truly ground-breaking and amazingly unique. It is not so much about opinions or theories, as it is about the proper and accurate application of our new scientific evidence – for the benefits they hold.

Through the examination of past and current scientific discoveries, we now hold the answers to all the perplexing and puzzling questions posed to us by chemical addictions; however, there still remains a resistance to its use in clinical practice. This book seeks to address this resistance by providing an understanding of addiction that is truly revolutionary. One that is founded in clinical study and cannot be denied on the basis of personal beliefs. It puts an end to all the confusion currently in the field and seeks to unite us all in our fight against the illness. It is founded on the principle that through greater understanding, there will come better treatment outcomes; and thus, reduce the need for multiple treatment episodes. This is something the field of addiction is in dire need of, and now is the time to put it to use.

This book contains vitally important explanations for people with addictions; explanations that all people need to know if the stigma of addiction is ever going to be extinguished. They are especially important to those with addictions because of the power they hold in their ability to reduce shame and guilt, conquer episodes of doubt, and provide a solid foundation for a complete, unwavering, and satisfying recovery.

Therefore, if you are a person with an addiction; a person affected by the addiction of another; a clinician in the field; or a student in any field of human service, then this is the book for you. You need not look any further. The future is right here.

Kirkus Reviews

“A solid review of addiction theories and treatments… -Kirkus Reviews

“"An experienced addiction counselor examines the leading causes of drug and alcohol dependencies and suggests a new perspective for treatment and recovery." - Kirkus Reviews

"In all, McArnold's book shows a noteworthy command of the subject, and his central thesis about the importance of focusing on biological predisposition is worthy of his peers' review." - Kirkus Reviews

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About the Author

Adam McArnold, MS, CRC, CASAC, MHC, is an addictions counselor who lives in Upstate New York. He has over twenty years of experience in chemical addictions. Throughout the years, Adam has had the opportunity to study residential, inpatient, and outpatient treatment modalities, all of which appear to fail miserably in providing any real measure of success in the treatment of chemical addictions. Finding this realization very disheartening, he dove into all the new research being done. He examined new discoveries and reexamined all the research he had studied in his ten years of collegiate education. Then, before he knew it, a more comprehensive view of addiction started to materialize; a conceptualization based on the plain fact that psychotropic substances affect and impact everyone a little differently; a fact, although well-accepted and accounted for in the administration of pharmaceutical medications, is not even a consideration when it comes to treating and making sense of addictions. Having applied this new understanding in practice, its effectiveness was more than obvious. He found it to be incredibly powerful and a need for change was apparent. As a result, he knew what he had to do – pass it on.

Without the implementation of a more thorough understanding of addiction, which science has provided, it is very unlikely that the effectiveness of treatment will ever improve. Whether you are a person struggling with an addiction yourself, a person seeking to understand the addiction of a loved one, a student, or a practitioner in the field, do yourself a favor and read this book. A new and more effective era of treatment is upon us.

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